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Kobelt Model 2093 Remote Control

Used in a single engine two station

system, Model 2093, the Remote

Control for 2091, is of the same rugged

design as the main control, which is

made of die cast silicon bronze and

stainless steel hardware and is backed

with our usual warranty. This head

comes with all the hardware necessary

to mount the interconnecting cables.

The cable used to interconnect the

control heads or stations (2091-2093)

must be pull-pull cables known as the

47 series cables.

The push-pull control cable between the

main station 2091 and the clutch and

throttle should be connected before the

interconnecting pull-pull cable is




2093-KYZ is a single engine remote

control with chrome finish, T-bar handle

and riveted label.

NOTE: Two cables per engine are

required for interconnecting the master

(model 2091) and remote control (model

2093). These are 47 series pull-pull

cables and are available in even foot




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