D 2544-CHR Loft Stjórnhandföng


Kobelt MODEL 2544



It consists of two 3-way directional control valves and an

accurate self-relieving pressure regulating valve. All valves

are handle-cam actuated. With the handle in centre position,

both 3-way valve outputs are vented to atmosphere and the

regulating valve output pressure is at its lowest. Movement of

the handle through the first 20° in either direction actuates one

of the 3-way valves, delivering full supply pressure to the

chosen directional output. Handle movement beyond 20°

actuates the regulating valve, delivering pressure to its output

according to handle position. The chosen directional output

remains at full supply pressure from 10° to 80° of handle


Weight: 9 lb. (4.1 kg)

Materials: Die cast silicon bronze and stainless steel

Operating Temp. Range: -40°C to +90°C

Pipe Port Size: 1/8” N.P.T.

Maximum Supply Pressure: 150 psi (10.3 bar)


o Used principally for the control of throttles or governors

and reverse clutches by a single handle

o For pneumatic control of two mechanisms, one directional

and the other proportional, by a single handle



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